Queen Mattress Set Ideas

Queen mattress set – Move a mattress and box spring in a new house is one of the most challenging tasks movers have. A queen mattress set is 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. Mounting a queen mattress set through a door is challenging, but it can be done by following a few simple tips, and with the help of a friend.

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Many homes will have queen mattress set that allow you to pull a queen-size mattress through them. First, remove all the bedding or bed skirts from the box spring. You should each keep on a short side facing each other. Place the box spring on the long side.

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The bottom part of the box spring on the lower right side of the door and place the upper edge of the box spring. This will make a line parallel to the two short edges. Saw by wood strips along the centerline. Carefully avoid damage to the springs.

Press both ends of the queen box spring together without damage or bending springs too much. The longer the box spring stays tied more wounded springs are. Post box spring up and down on the floor and press the center together so that it becomes flat again. Screw 4:05-inch pieces of wood to join my side of the box spring where you made the cut. Staple the dust cover back on the wood.

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