How To Make Your Own Sofa From Twin Bed Mattress

Twin bed mattress – Making a sofa from your twin mattress is a creative, inexpensive solution if you do not want to spend a lot of money on a convertible sleeper or have space issues in a small home. It can also be used for extra space for a sleepover or to spruce up a college-bound children’s room. Try this project with double-sized mattresses alone; double, queen and king beds turned sofas take up too much space.

Posted on August 19, 2017 Twin Mattress

Raise your mattress by putting it in boxes, risers or blocks. You can also put your double-sized twin bed mattress on top of a frame and box spring. Purchase bedding for your new double-sized sofa that complements the room decor. Remove mattress and lay down the bed skirt that came with the bedding sets. Do not skirt the puddle on the floor. You may have to collect the material in the middle to make sure it is the right length before the mattress back down.

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Choose a fabric to put on your mattress. You can use the sheet from the mattress set when using the sofa as a bed, but during the day you may want a fabric that is a little steadier.  Place the twin bed mattress on the bed skirt. Put fitted sheet on the mattress, and then add the fabric of your choice on top. Arrange the fabric so it is even on all sides.  Slide bed lengthwise against the wall. Buy pillows in your favorite colors and patterns. Line them up along the back of your twin sofa bed.