Extra Long Twin Mattress Review

Extra long twin mattress – measuring 39 x 80 inches, this extra-long mattresses are commonly used in dorm rooms where students need extra space. Special size XL Twin beds are used in a dorm room made with 39 “x 90” mattress so as to things such as tarpaulins, mattress pads and feather beds you will need to purchase a Twin XL size.

Posted on August 17, 2017 Twin Mattress

Colleges want to offer extra long twin mattress, because students do not just use it as a place to sleep – but also as a sofa and hang out zones and occasional table. Additional 5 inches does not sound like much but it was a long extra room to be extremely valuable in a cramped dorm life. Because the twin XL is a certain size many students are not ready when boarding move in day came and they had to scramble for an extra-long piece of the bed.

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The most important thing that is needed is to have extra long twin mattress fitted sheets. Some students do not use or like flat sheet over but the minimum they want to cover up their terrible mattress will sleep. Because students can be rough on their bed – the university wants to use a special mattress covered in a waterproof and stain proof. But this is an easy care mattress was not feeling well and could be rigid, heat and cause sleep problems. It is a good idea to add a buffer between students and boarders – whether twin XL mattress pad or a feather bed twin XL.

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